Mary C.

Dr. Amy Witman is a smart, attentive physician who listens carefully, and is most caring and responsive to patient concerns. She stays up-to-date on medical research and has phoned me with additional info after following up on several of my appointments with further research on a related topic. Besides further research, she has referred me to specialists who she communicated with, and advocated for me when she didn’t think a specialist was treating my case with the urgency she felt it warranted. She has also helped interpret other doctors’ notes, lab reports & x-rays for me so that I understood what they meant.  Every time I have called her office with some ailment, I have been able to get in to see the doctor that day. When I have sent an email summarizing visits with specialists, her responses were very detailed indicating she studied the results from the various specialists. She truly is dedicated to delivering the highest quality personal healthcare.