Thriving in a Pandemic!

Is is possible to thrive in these unprecedented times?  Definitely yes.  And I’ll go one step further… It is VITAL!
We are in for months of social distancing and hand sanitizer will be part of our new normal. But we also need to fight for the right to thrive!
Five ideas for thriving during a pandemic:
  1. Reach out and connect – We are best as part of a community. Call a relative or have a virtual happy hour with friends. Write actual letters to family and friends. Write thank-you notes to service people who you remember went out of their way for you. Interview your parents, grandparents or children and save the audio. Then you can create an audio story or book.
  2. Chip in & Volunteer – get outside yourself and do something good for your community. Food Banks and Blood Banks are in desperate need of volunteers. Their usual volunteer force is often older and, as such, are staying home. Click here for more volunteer options in San Diego.
  3. Take up a new hobby – Consider learning a new language, raise a new puppy or foster shelter animals. Learn to sew, a new line dance or calligraphy.
  4. Be creative – The Getty Museum in Los Angeles asked people to recreate paintings with stuff they can find at home – these results are hilarious! Go through your camera roll, pick your favorite pics from the past year and make a photo book or order framed versions online.
  5. Learn new job skills – This is a great time to add depth to your resume or completely reinvent yourself. Learn to type, master Excel, or go in depth with Photoshop. Learn to build a website or perfect digital advertising. Take an online course in photography or become and entrepreneur.
Check out this list for lots more ideas.