Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Plan Ahead Sign

With all the wildfires raging in California, Oregon and Washington (and the Valley Fire in San Diego county), it’s a potent reminder that we live in Disaster Country. Whether it’s a pandemic, earthquake or wildfire, we all need to be prepared.

  • Have a plan: Essential services may not be available for the first few hours or days following a disaster. We must be ready to act on our own and planning makes a huge difference. Start here.
  • Build a kit: If you have to survive on your own after an emergency, you’ll need the right supplies including food, water, and other items for at least 72 hours. Find a list of what you need for your supply kit here. And keep your kit where its easily accessible for quick evacuation.
  • Take additional steps: For wildfires, this means creating a 100-foot radius from all combustible vegetation around your home. For earthquakes, secure heavy items in your home and consider an earthquake insurance policy. Prepare now for various disaster scenarios.
  • Get the app: San Diego County has a great emergency app – SD Emergency. It will send you warnings about fires or other safety issues and has great maps showing emergencies and shelters. Find it by searching ” SD Emergency” in the app store.