Rapid COVID Testing Now Available

I now have the BD Veritor Plus testing system for COVID-19.  It tests for COVID-19 antigen with a nasal swab (not the one that tickles your brain).  Results are ready in about 15 min.  Sensitivity is 98% – meaning a negative result is correct 98% of the time, although false negative tests can occur 2% of the time.  Specificity is >99% – meaning a positive result is correct >99% of the time.  False positive results are exceptionally rare.

Click here for additional information about this test.

You might want a test if:

  • You got notice of exposure to someone positive for COVID-19
  • You’re thinking about going to visit someone
  • You feel sick

Cost: $125

Combo with Flu $150

2 Replies to “Rapid COVID Testing Now Available”

  1. How far in advance would an appointment need to be made? I am specifically wondering if 10 AM on Wednesday the 23rd would be available? I’m planning to visit my brother (no one else) who I have not seen since Nay. I have been tested numerous times due to my work (nurse). All test results have been negative.
    Thank you,

    Barbara Klein

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