Healthcare Worker Burnout from COVID-19

Healthcare worker burnout

Healthcare workers on the front lines have had a front row seat for the worst pandemic in 100 years.  Although I’m not on the front lines in the hospital anymore, I can tell you it’s taking its toll.  Healthcare workers are compassionate and empathetic people by nature.  Each death hits us hard, regardless of the cause or age. 

But with COVID-19, it’s different.  Death of this magnitude is unthinkable with modern medicine.  Because of COVID visitor restrictions, patients are often very sick and separated from their families.  Healthcare workers are trying to fill the void.  We’re trying to be there for those who are alone in the hospital and help them talk to loved ones on the phone or have a video chat by FaceTime or Zoom.  

Doctors are retiring, nurses are quitting, and hospitals and clinics are struggling to hire more staff.  What makes this wave of the coronavirus even more tragic is that the severe illness and deaths it’s causing are preventable. Public health officials say nearly 100% of mortalities since January could have been avoided with covid-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 is a real disease and real people are getting sick, it’s stressing our healthcare system.  Healthcare workers are a limited precious resource.  Please do all you can to avoid getting COVID.

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